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Is My Dodge Vehicle’s Key Fob Dead?

How to Replace a 2020 Dodge Key Fob Dead Battery 

Finding yourself stuck with a dead key fob can be frustrating and having to figure out how to get inside the fob to replace the battery can lead to even more frustration. Luckily for Dodge drivers, the 2020 Dodge models come with a key fob that is fairly simple to open, which makes changing out the battery easy. If you have been asking yourself if your Dodge vehicle’s key fob is dead, this guide is here to help you figure out if a new battery is all you need.  

Check out the video from Mopar on YouTube below to learn how to replace a 2020 Dodge key fob dead battery. We hope this guide helps you get to the bottom of your key fob troubles. If you’re still having difficulties with your fob, contact a member of the Classic CDJRF service team today to get your fob’s issues sorted.  

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Replacing a 2020 Dodge Journey Key Fob 

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