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How Much are Registration Fees in Texas?

How Much Are Vehicle Tax, Title, and Registration Fees in Arlington 

When you are looking to jump into the driver’s seat of a new Dodge Charger you might stop to wonder how much various fees and charges will cost you. Some of these fees will come up when you first purchase your vehicle, while others will happen annually.  

Our team at Classic CDJRF has put together this guide to give you a look at how much vehicle tax, title, and registration fees are in Arlington, TX, so you can plan out your automotive budget each year.  

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Arlington Texas Automotive Sales Tax 

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When purchasing a new or used vehicle here in Texas you can expect the sales tax to start off at 6.25 percent. The reason why we say it starts off at 6.25 percent is because this is just the baseline rate. Specific Texas counties and cities add on their own tax rates on top of the existing 6.25 percent.  

At Classic CDJRF our sales tax rate is 8 percent in total. The city of Arlington adds on its own 1.75 percent tax rate on top of the state’s tax, bringing the total rate from 6.25 percent to 8 percent.  

Arlington Texas Registration and Title Fees 

Just like the sales tax rate, vehicle registration fees have their own starting rates that can go up depending on where in the state you live. Annual registration fees in Texas start off at $50.75 for a passenger vehicle plus any applicable local county fees. Here in Tarrant County there is an additional local fee of $10 that is collected at the time of registration, bringing the total cost to register a passenger vehicle in Arlington, TX, to $60.75. To register a motorcycle or moped in Arlington it is $30 plus the $10 county fee.  

Title fees in Tarrant County are $33, meaning if you are looking to transfer a vehicle title here in Arlington you will need to pay $33 plus a $2.50 registration transfer fee.  

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Here at Classic CDJRF we can help explain any vehicle tax, title, or registration fees at the time of purchase. If you are looking to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, book a test drive with any of our in-stock vehicles today to find your perfect fit here in Arlington, TX.