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A juicy Turkey ready to be carved on the dinner table

Places to Go for Thanksgiving Dinners in Arlington, TX

Where Can You Go for Thanksgiving Dinners in Arlington?

The holiday season is upon us, and we already have a series of events lined up. That said, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you might be busy curating menus for your friends and family. Thanksgiving, after all, is all about coming together and bonding over food and drinks. However, if you are in no mind to cook this time, this article might be a good read. Read this entry to know about where you can go for Thanksgiving dinners in Arlington. And while you are at that, remember to check our inventory for the latest models in Classic CDJR in Arlington, TX. 

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Legs of a person on a swing

Head Over to these Places for a Perfect Family Getaway in Arlington, TX

Where Can You Go for a Perfect Family Weekend in Arlington?

Planning a family weekend could be challenging at times. You need to do some research on the places you can visit, get the approval of your kids, and put the entire plan together. It is not as easy as it sounds, really! But in case you needed some ideas about the places you could visit, you have come to the right place. Read this blog piece to check where you can go for a perfect family weekend in Arlington and make the most of this quick getaway. Also, have a look at our inventory for new models at Classic CDJR in Arlington, TX.

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View of a sunny day in a park with visitors sitting in huddles

What are the best parks and tourist attractions near Arlington, TX?

Top 3 places to visit in Arlington, TX

Arlington is a city in Texas, that forms part of the mid-cities region of the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan statistical area. This city has a rich sporting heritage and it hosts the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field, the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, the Dallas Wings at College Park Center, and the International Bowling Campus. There are several parks and stadiums that are a must-see in case you’re visiting Arlington, TX. Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 places to visit in Arlington, TX, presented to you by Classic Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat in Arlington, TX.

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Silver 2021 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wave Backstory and Origin

Why Do Jeep Drivers Wave? 

If you’ve ever ridden in a Jeep vehicle, particularly a Jeep Wrangler, you may have noticed other Jeep drivers waving in your direction. There are a variety of reasons why Jeep drivers wave at each other and there are a few theories on the origin of the Jeep Wave. Learn a little more about the Jeep Wave, Jeep Wave styles, and how the Jeep Wave started below.  

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Two individuals hiking near trees

Where Can I Got Hiking around Arlington TX?

Local Hiking and Walking Trails in Tarrant County 

If you’re looking for a way to get out and get some fresh air, Arlington is a great place to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors. Arlington and Tarrant County are full of hiking and walking trails that locals love and visitors seek out. This guide from Classic CDJRF is giving readers a list of some of the top local hiking and walking trails around Tarrant County. Check them out below! 

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Overhead view of hands on computer

Where Can I Learn New Skills Online?

Online Resources and Lessons for Adults 

As the stay-at-home order is lifted across the state, some residents are opting to continue with their social distancing practices. As more and more people get back to the routine of day-to-day life, you may find yourself searching for a way to stay busy while staying indoors. We at Classic CDJRF have put together a list of online resources and lessons for adults to help those opting to stay home stay busy. Keep reading to see how you can get started on learning new skills online.  

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Closeup of campfire

Forget Trucks — Vans are The Best Camping Vehicle

What Vehicle is Best for a Camping Trip? 

With social distancing in full swing, a lot of people are looking for ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Camping is the perfect way to break free from your home without diving back into the social world. Whether you want to go camping now or wait until you can go with friends, a van is the best way to do it. That’s right, vans. Your classic minivan or even a work van is the best vehicle for a camping trip. Keep reading to see why.  

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Screenshot of 2020 Ram 1500 from I Love Your Features YouTube video

Maximus Stëel Shows His Love for Ram Trucks in Epic Track Video

What is the Ram Trucks Love Your Features Song? 

Have you been hearing about a Ram Trucks YouTube video with a floating head singing about his love for Ram? Well, even if you haven’t, this is a video you have to see. The song sung by Maximus Stëel will be stuck in your head before you know it and his undying love for Ram trucks will give you the push you’ve been waiting for to get behind the wheel of a new Ram.  Read the rest of this entry >>