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Is My Dodge Vehicle’s Key Fob Dead?

How to Replace a 2020 Dodge Key Fob Dead Battery 

Finding yourself stuck with a dead key fob can be frustrating and having to figure out how to get inside the fob to replace the battery can lead to even more frustration. Luckily for Dodge drivers, the 2020 Dodge models come with a key fob that is fairly simple to open, which makes changing out the battery easy. If you have been asking yourself if your Dodge vehicle’s key fob is dead, this guide is here to help you figure out if a new battery is all you need.  

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Person using spray bottle to clean bird poop from car

What to Do When Birds Think Your Car is a Toilet

How to Remove Bird Poop and Droppings from Vehicle 

There’s nothing worse than having recently given your car a fresh wash and walking out to find a bird thought your car was a toilet. When your vehicle is covered in bird poop, what do you do? Instead of letting those droppings melt off in the sun, follow these steps for how to remove bird poop from your vehicle before it ruins your vehicle. Removing bird droppings too aggressively can ruin your vehicle’s exterior, so be sure to follow these steps carefully to prevent damage. If your vehicle is in need of exterior work, book an appointment with the Classic CDJRF service team.

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What Local Restaurants Around Arlington Are Offering Delivery?

Local Food Delivery and Takeout Options in Arlington 

Local businesses and establishments continue to stay closed across Texas with many restaurants and food service locations limiting their services. As more and more people continue to adjust to staying indoors, many are looking for places to order food for takeout or delivery. There are quite a few places across the state that are offering delivery and other services during the stay-at-home orders. Here is a list of local food delivery and takeout options that are currently available in Arlington, TX.  

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Woman looking confused with "Are Texas Car Dealerships Considered an Essential Business?" black text

What Texas Businesses Can Operate During Stay-at-Home Order?

Are Texas Car Dealerships Considered an Essential Business? 

Tarrant County, along with other surrounding areas like Arlington and Fort Worth, has extended the stay-at-home order that is currently in place. The order was originally supposed to come to an end at the beginning of the month but has now been extended through the end of April. With this extension comes questions about what Texas businesses can operate during the stay-at-home order and if Texas car dealerships are considered an essential business. Keep reading for answers to these questions.  

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Virtual Vehicle Shopping Options in Arlington

Is It Safe to Visit Car Dealerships During a Pandemic? 

As we face uncertainty during this difficult time, Classic Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat is continuing to offer valuable automotive services to local owners and shoppers. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure our dealership is a safe place for customers and staff and to help make visiting our car dealership safe during the current pandemic. Not only are we implementing rigorous sanitization practices, but we are also offering online services to better serve our customers. Keep reading to find out what those services are.  

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Dirty rear car windshield with "Why Do Cars Have Lines on the Back Window?" text

Understanding Those Classic Rear-Window Lines

Why Do Cars Have Lines on the Back Window?

More times than once you’ve probably noticed that all the cars that go by, and even your own, have lines along their back windshields. Often you can feel them when you run your hand or an ice scraper along the glass, just barely but they’re definitely there. Have you ever wondered why cars have these lines on their back windows? We know we have at one point in time, which is why we’re sharing our knowledge with you to help you understand those classic rear-window lines. Read the rest of this entry >>